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“They Called Me To Destroy The Wicked And The Evil”: Selected Essays On Crime And Punishment In Antiquity. Cloth 2017
Ancient Near East In The Nineteenth Century: Appreciations And Appropriations; I: Claiming And Conquering. Mcgeough, Kevin M Cloth 2015
Ancient Near East In The Nineteenth Century: Appreciations And Appropriations; Ii: Collecting, Constructing, And Curating. Mcgeough, Kevin M Cloth 2015
Arcadian Nights. Spurling, John Paper 2016
Associated Regional Chronologies For The Ancient Near East And The Eastern Paper 2016
Between Orality And Literacy: Communication And Adaptation In Antiquity International Conference On Orality And Literacy In The… (10th: 2012: Ann Arbor, Michigan) Cloth 2014
Companion To Ethnicity In The Ancient Mediterranean Ebook 2014
Companion To Science, Technology, And Medicine In Ancient Greece And Rome (Two Volumes). Irby Ebook 2015
Early Dynastic And Early Sargonic Administrative Texts Mainly From The Umma Region In The Cornell University… Notizia, Palmiro, 1980- Cloth 2016
Fortune And Misfortune In The Ancient Near East: Proceedings Of The 60th Rencontre Assyriologique Internationale Warsaw, 21-25 July 2014. Cloth 2017
History Of The Ancient Near East, Ca. 3000-323 Bc. Van De Mieroop, Marc Paper 2016
Leadership, Social Memory And Judean Discourse In The Fifth-Second Centuries Bce Paper 2016
Migration, Diaspora And Identity In The Ancient Near East Cloth 2017
Recovering Women’s Rituals In The Ancient Near East. Bidmead, Julye Cloth 2017
Registers And Modes Of Communication In The Ancient Near East. Davis, Gillan Cloth 2017
Revolt And Resistance In The Ancient Classical World And The Near East: In The Crucible Of Empire. Cloth 2016
Rome And The Classic Maya: Comparing The Slow Collapse Of Civilizations. Storey, Rebecca, 1950- Paper 2016
Star Of Bethlehem And The Magi: Interdisciplinary Perspectives From Experts On The Ancient Near East, The Greco-Roman World, And Modern Astronomy. Perspectives (2014: Groningen, Netherlands) Paper 2015
Studies On The Vignettes From Chapter 17 Of The Book Of The Dead; I: The Image Of Ms.W Bdst In Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Tarasenko, Mykola Paper 2016
Translating Writings Of Early Scholars In The Ancient Near East, Egypt, Greece And Rome: Methodological Aspects With Examples. Ebook 2016
World Around The Old Testament: The People And Places Of The Ancient Near East Cloth 2016